LOB TEC proximity card (HI30MK-1)

Key cards are equipped with a microprocessor and contain information on its owner's authorization (where and when can he/she enter). They have a specified expiry date. When lost or seized by a guest, a card will not open any doors after having been re-programed at the reception. Therefore premises protected by electronic cards are much more secure than those protected by key-operated door locks.

A lost card can be disabled in the system, and a replacement card can be issued. 

Cards are also issued for individual staff members of a facility. They do not have to use mechanical keys. Employee cards are valid longer, for example for one year or indefinitely.

Information stored on the cards is protected by various technologies, which in combination eliminate the possibility of any data manipulation. To further improve the safety of premises of particular importance, the LOB TEC system can be equipped with Mifare Plus cards. 

The cards can be provided with an individual graphic design.

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Proximity card for LOB TEC system, LOB logo


Proximity card for LOB TEC system, white


Proximity card for LOB TEC system, hotel pattern