LOB RentingLock wall scanner (ECRL-98)

The scanner is operated by a time-based code. The code is generated via an internet webpage. This way access codes can be remotely generated and delivered, for example via e-mail.

The scanner is usually used to guard passages where the LOB RentingLock cannot be used (external doors to buildings, parking boom barriers, etc.). It can be also used separately as an electronic lock operated by a time-based code. 

When operating in the RentingLock system, the scanner may be configured to be opened using codes generated for individual apartments (group lock). In this case, the same code will open the entrance to the building and the apartment door, while maintaining individual codes for each apartment.

Main features and characteristics:

  • Opened using a time-based code or code-programmed proximity card
  • Opened using master code
  • Blocked after several unsuccessful opening attempts (function can be disabled)
  • Control of various devices (NO-NC-COM relay output)
  • Access restricted for a time period defined individually for each code (from date to date, to the nearest hour or day).
  • Illuminated keyboard
  • Easy installation
  • Hermetic housing resistant to water splash


Stainless steel


152 x 56 x 35 mm (L x W x D)

Power source

9-15 VDC

Control output

NC-NO-COM relay

Working temperature

-20 – +55 °C

Relative humidity

15% – 100% without condensation

RFID standard

ISO/IEC 14443

Range of proximity card

up to 2 cm

Entry time

4.5 – 5 seconds


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