V LOB Master Key Conference

On October 18-19, the LOB Master Service Conference was held for the fifth time in history. This time, the participants of this event were invited to the Kormoran Spa & Resort Hotel in Sulęcin.

The conference organized by LOB Master Key permanently inscribed in the industry calendars. The substantive part was started by Paweł Konieczny, who has been the Sales Director since March at LOB Master Key. The new Commercial Director of Agnieszka Lewandowska also took the floor.

The technical weight of the conference rested on the shoulders of our colleague - Director of Development Department Andrzej Wosek, who talked in detail about the technical revolution in our company in connection with the transition to the technology of 6-valve closures and new products in the LOB S.A.

Traditionally, occasional krzywki were awarded for the best LOB Master Services, and at the end there was a less official part of the evening, on which there were talks and exchange of experiences.
Thank you for participation and as usual, see you next year!