The LOB TEC System


The new Polish LOB TEC system uses the latest developments of the wireless technology. The locks and scanners can operate in two different modes. The main offline mode is very useful for passageways which do not require the reporting of events in real time. The Air mode is an extension of the basic mode. This mode connects the locks via a wireless network, creatinf a wireless online access control system that is unique on a global scale. The Air mode enables automatic updating of the configuration of scanners, the propagation of a black list and the gathering of events generated by the system in real time. This allows the user to track all movements inside the building and to react immediately to any possible threats. 

A power failure does not affect the functioning of access control in any way. Battery-powered door locks are resilient to LAN network and power failures.

Scanners and locks operating in both modes can be freely connected into a single system.

Locking systems that operate in the online mode and cooperate with PMS software generate new possibilities in building management and guests services.

LOB TEC does not require the installation of any expensive infrastructure. The server and management console can operate within a single computer. The system can simultaneously include online as well as offline locks. LOB TEC is easily scalable and adaptable to small, as well as large buildings.

The flexibility of this software means that LOB TEC can be used not only in hotels, but also in offices and manufacturing facilities. Access authorization covers all types of premises - offices, lecture rooms, hotel rooms as well as additional zones (SPA, car park), to which access can be attributes even via the creation of complicated plans based on individually defined zones and schedules.