LOB RentingLock

Less things on your mind
The accommodation of guests in apartments under different addresses ca take up a significant amount of time. If the guests arrive almost simultaneously, the handover of all apartments may prove to be quite a headache.
LOB RentingLock will release you from the need of handing over the keys, leaving them under the door mat, from having to be physically present at registration.

Less waiting and no stress
No stress for you and your guests. You don't have to wait if they are delayed on their journey, and they don't have to wait if you are held back.
Your clients can enter the apartment using a numeric code at any convenient time of day, or even at night.

More time thanks to automatic operation
Do you have to manage a number of apartments and need to circle around town like crazy to let in guests in different locations at the same time?
You can implement a fully automatic process and benefit from a completely automatic rental system, saving time and reducing traveling and personnel costs.

Higher security
Your apartment will be available to your guests only within a defined time frame. The time code does not allow the door to be opened before the registration date and will automatically expire upon the end of the rental period. There is no risk of keys being copied or lost involved.

Buy and install
The lock can be purchased at LOB RentingLock Authorized Lock Installers. Each of them can install the lock for you. After the lock is installed, the installer will program your lock and will give you the data of your management account and will show you how to use it.
Choose an installer from the map below and contact him. If there is no LOB RentingLock Installer near you, you can find the nearest LOB dealer. Go to the Where to buy page, choose your Voivodeship and activate the "Access control, hotel locks" and "LOB Master Service" filters.
You can always contact LOB directly. You can display contact data by clicking below.