The Yeti Brand

For many decades LOB S.A. has been associated with the Yeti brand. This brand is among the most recognizable in the Polish door hardware market. It is hard to find anyone in Poland who is not familiar with this brand. These popular locks and padlocks have served... and continue to serve millions of Polish people.

The Yeti brand has been terminated by LOB in the 1990s. The reason for this was an influx of poor-quality fake products from the Far East. For many decades in its history, LOB has only produced only one brand of products. In 2007, an external company conducted at our request a research regarding the familiarity of door hardware brands. The effects were surprising. Despite its absence from the market for over 10 years, the Yeti brand was still recognizable and familiar

In view of this the next decision was quite obvious. In 2008 the brand of the Snowman was brought back to life once again. The current product range covers a wide scope of products which combine the traditions of the Yeti brand with high quality and modern design. Yeti products have been very successful on the door hardware market, and their sales represent a significant percentage of the company turnover. Therefore with the decision to return this brand to the door hardware market we have hit the proverbial "jackpot". 

The positioning of brand names is an important element in the process of reaching the final client for any large company, such as ourselves. The return of the YETI brand was supposed to expand our product range, so that we could reach a wider group of final clients.  Today Yeti is our answer to less expensive products. Which of course still maintain an appropriate level of quality. LOB on the other hand represents a Premium brand, which conforms with the highest safety and quality standards.

Yeti also represents a company mascot of LOB. The Snowman appears at many events in which we participate, and is always one of the most interesting attractions - especially for the youngest participants. There are always people willing to take a photograph with the popular Yeti figure.

Many of you are probably wondering where the name Yeti actually came from? In our company there is an interesting story associated with this. The name supposedly originated from one of the company directors in the past, whose figure and way of walking was supposed to by reminiscent of the Snow Man himself. Who would have thought that over the next decades the nickname of this director would become the name of one of the most popular door hardware brands in the country.