About us

At LOB S.A. we are committed to provide a high standard of services and the highest level of quality and reliability of our products. This is possible because of the application of high quality tools and materials. Our work is based on the latest working tools, such as an integrated company management system, which allows us to analyze each operational area of the company. These actions help us to achieve higher flexibility and higher operational capability. Our advantages, apart from the quality and scope of our product range, also include the level of their availability.

An efficient distribution network ensures immediate delivery of the ordered services, including also special orders. In this context we can be considered as a market leader, having the most extensive range of products among all door hardware manufacturers. All our products are designed and implemented with the participation of the Development Department specialists, with the consideration of the current needs of our Clients and the requirements which need to be fulfilled by the latest security hardware. Thanks to the implementation of computer aided systems in design/technical works, we are able to greatly reduce the time needed for the delivery of new products. Modern production technologies, specialist machinery and devices all ensure high quality levels and the maintenance of high environmental protection standards. Efforts undertaken by our company in the scope of environmental protection have given us the right to use the title of a Clean Production Company.

Our aim is a leading position in the Polish security hardware market among the suppliers of locks and locking hardware to window/door manufacturers and to DIY retailers. The achievement of a leading position in the door hardware market is a result of a careful choice of suppliers, effective logistics and an extensive distribution network, as well as the services of experienced staff members.